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by Michael Kehl

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Thanks for taking my visitor survey. I'd like to learn what types of photography interest you and if you're interested in purchasing Fine Art Photography. Please pass along any suggestions you have for this web site. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Visitor Survey
How did you find this web site?
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Why did you visit this web site?
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What type of photographs do you like?
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Would you purchase a Fine Art Photograph from a web site?
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What would you consider a fair price range for a Fine Art Photograph?
Limited edition, signed, numbered, matt size (16x20), print size (8x12)
$100-$149     $150-$199     $200-$249     $250-$299     Other
What payment forms do you prefer?
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What types of photographs do you like? What is your favorite photograph? Any suggestions for web site content? design? Other comments or suggestions.

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